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Agency Coronavirus Policy and Update



The agency is open during this health crisis, however we ask that you respect the health and well-being of our employees and their families by taking the following actions:


1. Call first - no matter what problem you have, let's start with a phone call first and see if we can get it resolved that way. This method includes making payments and other routine requests you may have. 


2. Email or Message Us on Facebook - with questions about purchasing new vehicles or homes, business coverages, quote requests, etc., an email or Facebook message is another way to start the process. We routinely check both accounts, so feel free to use this service. Our email is and Facebook is @LeichtInsurance.


3. Call the insurance company direct - if you are involved in an accident or sustain damage to your property, you can file a claim directly with the carrier with the contact information on your ID card or insurance policy. You can also follow the "Important Links" tab on our website to the carriers we represent. Once you do, the carrier will notify us and we can work start to work on your behalf immediately. This is the preferred method to initiate contact for any emergency.


4. Office hours - the office will be open throughout this health crisis, however we will operate with minimal staff. If you stop by the office, it will be locked and you will be required to call the employee on duty. We will still accept cash/check payments, but you will be instructed to leave your payment in the envelope with stub between our double glass doors. Do NOT leave any payments after normal business hours when an employee is not on duty. We are not responsible for any payments you leave without being directed to do so by the employee on duty. Late payments may not be accepted.  


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are trying to be respectful of your health and the health of our employees and their families. Once the situation improves, we will update our office policy and hours to continue being your preferred source for insurance.




Customer Service Representative

You can request policy customer service online by clicking here. To contact us click here or visit us at our office.