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Non-Profit Insurance

Non-Profit Insurance for Churches, Fraternal Organizations, and other from Hastings Mutual and Celina Mutual.


Leicht Insurance, Inc. is dedicated to serving Churches' special needs.

We have a very special program for Churches through Hastings Mutual and Celina Mutual.

Through this program, we are able to offer:
1. Building and Contents coverage
2. Liability limits up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate
3. Workers Compensation insurance
4. Hired and Non-Owned auto liability
5. Commercial Auto insurance
6. Umbrella liability protection
7. Employer's liability
8. Optional package endorsements tailored specifically for Churches
            Property endorsements
            Liability endorsements

And, we have the benefit of representing multiple companies leading the Church insurance market. Contact us for different quotes to meet your Church's specific needs.

Fraternal Organizations

Leicht Insurance, Inc. proudly offers insurance for Non-Profits in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. We specifically have engineered programs for Fraternal Organizations and look forward to being able to offer similar products in more states in the future as these programs grow due to the overwhelming response from members. If you have received notification from Leicht Insurance, Inc. about the availablity of a program for your Fraternal Organization, please send your responses directed to Zach Leicht by phone or through email at

A little about how this is has been accomplished. Programs are engineered in response to requests made from Fraternal Organizations. Once a request has been made, agency management becomes involved to work through the process of setting up a program, which is:

        1. Determining the insurance viability of a new set of risks (organizations)
        2. Securing permission from any and all governing bodies that may be involved
        3. Negotiating with insurance company's management for the mutual benefit of the company and organization
        4. Becoming familiar with any insurance coverage already in place from a governing body (this is different state-by-state)
        5. Working with company underwriting to fill gaps in coverage
        6. Working with company underwriting to ensure chartered members of an organization are acceptable and will benefit
        7. Sending notices to all chartered members using public domain contact information once all the above has been completed
        8. Visiting with any interested member at the insured premises once requested by that member
        9. Normally generating three quotes for consideration 
                - The first quote being an apples-to-apples comparison whenever applicable
                - The second quote is generally anything we notice that should be fixed on a member's current policy -AND-
                - The third quote is anything the membership deems worthy to consider such as higher deductibles, etc.
        10. With the work complete and all three quotes in the member's hand, we stand ready to act once directed to do so

Notice that each of these steps is vitally important to maintain the proper handling of Non-Profit organizations. Without the preceding step complete, we do not begin the next step. If you have received a notice concerning an insurance program that has been established for your organization, you can rest assured in knowing that the work up until this step has already been completed, including but not limited to securing permission from the proper governing body. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to investigate the legitimacy of our claim to the extent of your satisfaction. 

Currently, we are offering our main Non-Profit program to Fraternal Organizations in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Our staff is dedicated to this effort, but we ask that you contact the Agency Principal, Zachary D Leicht, by phone or through his email at to make initial contact. Mr. Leicht is well-qualified to visit with you at your building.

Questions & Answers
        This section is dedicated to the progress made for Fraternal Organizations in general and specific topics organized by state.


What states can Leicht Insurance, Inc. help concerning these programs?

Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Leicht Insurance, Inc. and Zachary D Leicht are licensed through each state's Department of Insurance to solicit business in these three states. Verification of licenses can be provided upon request.

When did the program begin?

The idea came to be in July, 2007 for Fraternal Organizations in Indiana. After negotiations with the insurance company and consulting with the state's governing body, the first policies were not written in Indiana until the Spring/Summer of 2009.

Which insurance company writes this program?

Our main program is written through Hastings Mutual based out of Hastings, MI. Information about the company can be found through the "Important Links" section of our website's home page, however we have other companies who are eager to write similar programs for similar organizations.

Can any Hastings Mutual agent write this program?

Leicht Insurance, Inc. is the ONLY Preferred Partner to write this program for Hastings Mutual in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. No other agent or agency based in the Midwest carries this designation.

This designation has been earned. If you read above, the program began some time ago with an exhaustive amount of time and work invested before the first customer was made aware of the program's existence. In addition, we continue to update the program as often as warranted with the company to address new concers as they arise.

Was Leicht Insurance, Inc. the first to address the insurance concerns of Fraternal Organizations?

Without any evidence to the contrary, it is reasonable to assume that Leicht Insurance, Inc. was the first. Only a couple of agencies have tried to follow our lead, but abandoned their efforts soon after. Consider the fact that this program originates in Indiana dating back to 2007. It has since been extended to Ohio as of 2010 after invitations and negotiations were complete and Illinois since 2011. Noo other agency that I am aware of can counter this claim as to the breadth Leicht Insurance, Inc. insures the specific Fraternal Organizations of interest.

Also, consider the fact of the number of Fraternal Organizations currently insured under this program with Leicht Insurance, Inc. The specific number cannot be devulged due to privacy concerns, however we write a large portion of these organizations in Indiana already and have been contacted by over 15% of Ohio's since the sole notice was mailed in the Fall of 2010 and 10% of Illinois's since the summer of 2011. No other agency that I am aware of can compete with this claim either.

Are any commissions or portion of commissions donated back to a state's governing body?

Absolutely not. Please understand that anything along these lines could be considered rebating commissions under state Department of Insurance regulations. These regulations have been established to remove unfair competition practices from the marketplace. Rebating is returning a portion of the premium or the agent's/broker's commission on the premium to the insured or other inducements to place business with a specific insurer. We realize that certain agents are willing to rebate commissions to the customer or governing body, however Leicht Insurance, Inc. is not willing to violate state regulations in an attempt to increase our agency policy count. We remain in good-standing with the insurance company and states' Departments of Insurance to deliver the best products and service possible.

How can an agency based in Indiana service policies in other states?

Generally speaking, the agent has a role to play in servicing any policy. Let's address claims as an illustration.

The traditional role of an insurance agent is to be the customer's contact point with the insurance company. After a claim is reported to the agent, the company will assign a company adjuster to handle the claim beyond initial contact. We feel the traditional role can be updated by providing more access to the insurance company and our staff. With a toll-free phone number, website, and a network of established emails with out customers, we can respond to any problems they experience throughout the claims process much quicker.

Also, one of the components of the insurance program we have established for Non-Profits is that the agency has company draft authority to pay common claims up to a certain dollar limit out of the agency without the intervention of a company adjuster. This can greatly decrease the time it takes after you report a claim until you receive the claim payment.

In addition, we are working to establish a network of agency partners throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois so we are able to service customers locally and regionally. Let's face it, sometimes you need to be able to talk to someone fact-to-face when you need your insurance policy the most. We think that's just as important as you do!

Lastly, the insurance company that writes this program was founded in 1885 and has been present in these states for years, which means a network of company adjusters already exists to service claims that exceed the agency's draft authority.

How much should can we expect to save?

We feel as though we have not benefited you enough if we do not save your Fraternal Organization 25 - 30% off your insurance premiums through this program.

Are all members of a Fraternal Organization eligible?

Yes. Certain underwriting guidelines must be met, but this program is engineered to help all charters no matter the size or members' role.

Do premiums go up after the first year?

We now have some policies renewing their third annual term that are less than the lump-sum savings experienced in the first term. It is impossible to predict future events, but it is safe to say that as a rule, premiums are not subject to any announced rate increases at this time nor have they been since the inception of this program.

If our building is 6 hours from your location and we already have a very low premium, are you still willing to visit with us at our building?

Yes, at your convenience.

Our insurance premium is due tomorrow. How much notice do you need to visit with us?

As much as you can provide. We ask that you contact us at as soon as you receive notice from us so that quotes can be prepared and presented in ample time prior to your next insurance premium. However, we also schedule visits based on need. Should your insurance be due relatively soon, we will make every attempt to meet with you as soon as possible to help show you the difference a program like this can make. Our turnaround time after a visit to get the quotes back to you is generally measured in hours, not weeks or months.


When did the program expand to Ohio?

Securing permission through the proper officer of the governing body began in the Spring of 2010. By August, 2010, permission was granted and notices were mailed to charters' listed addresses in the Fall of 2010. We have actively been visiting and writing Fraternal Organizations in Ohio since.

Have there been any changes in Ohio?

Yes. To our understanding, the governing body no longer carries paraphernalia coverage under a statewide blanket policy as of January, 2011. Upon learning of the change, we contacted the insurance company explaining the problem and negotiated an equitable solution, which is that the company has agreed to cover a charter's paraphernalia coverage under the regular policy's contents limit at no additional charge. Should a charter wish to increase the contents limit to adequately cover the paraphernalia's inclusion, the rate is roughly $10/year depending on certain underwriting criteria.

Ohio has many Temple Boards. Are these Boards covered under the program?

Yes. The company has agreed to include all Temple Boards and/or appendant bodies as named insureds under the package policy, providing each with the needed liability protection, at no additional charge.

Ohio's governing body has made some changes over the last few years. How do those changes affect us?

That depends on your current situation, which is even more reason to contact us today. You may ask: Is paraphernalia covered? How about hired and non-owned auto liability? We can help with those answers.


When did the program expand to Illinois?

The Summer of 2011.

Is Illinois different in any way from Indiana and Ohio?

Yes. Through requests with the governing body, we have been guided to believe that Illinois carries no coverage in any capacity for its charters that are common in other states such as hired and non-owned auto liability, paraphernalia coverage, blanket umbrella liability protection, etc. To be honest, this isn't a problem, rather it is a great opportunity to discuss the specific needs of each individual charter.

Is there a local Illinois agent partnered with Leicht Insurance, Inc. to help with this program?

Yes. Chris Ray in Cuba, IL is contracted with us as are Illinois Representative. Chris's agency is located at 209 N 3rd St. in Cuba, IL 61427, and he can be reached at his office phone at 309-785-5222 or on his cell at 309-303-0105. Chris is as well-qualified as I am to visit your building.  

What should I do if my organization is interested in receiving a quote?

Contact Chris Ray directly. Chris will schedule an appointment to visit with you. If Chris is unavailable, please contact the home office directly at 855-753-9500.

How should my organization handle alcohol?

That really depends on your organization. If it is allowed and you want to consider allowing alcohol for events not normally associated with your organization (like wedding receptions and other parties), then we suggest looking at the risks compared to the benefits. Generally speaking, you will not make enough money if you plan on renting your building less than twice per month after you pay the higher cost of host liquor liability insurance and the a change in your regular policy. That is still a question you must answer, and Leicht Insurance, Inc. has a program tailored to your organization that allows alcohol. Just let us know you want a quote.

IL has recently passed concealed carry laws. How should my organization respond?

We suggest "following the law". If your state and local law allow concealed carry of firearms, then we suggest this should be your default approach. However, we firmly believe that each independent charter needs to make that decision itself and post its decision where members and visitors can easily see whether or not concealed carry is allowed on the property or within certain areas of your Lodge. The insurance is unaffected if the law is followed, and the Lodge needs nothing else on its insurance policy to insure against the action of others. You simply need to decide if your Lodge is going to restrict concealed carry to its members and guests and how it will adequately post its decision.

Other Programs Available

Our Agency is constantly seeking community-beneficial insurance programs, and we are very interested to hear any suggestions you have to offer.

Call our office for any other non-profit organizations and you may be surprised to learn we have a program available for your organization now!

More questions and answers will be posted in the future with guidance provided through relevance. Please check back often and email any questions you feel may be appropriate to post in this section.